Many of Jane's wonderful poems can be found in the Cartoon Cocoons book. However, this poem I recently found in the most recent of Jane's sketchbooks, written probably in 2020-2021. It was in rough form, but I managed to decipher it, and found it beautiful and so relevant.

Kali California

Pluto and Kali were taking a spin

Through the wilds of California, and the Halls of Gin,

From West to East, they'd seldom done better

At dry being drought and cold being wetter

With dogs in the shelters and folks on the street

Trouble and nasty all piled in a heap.

Still there were sweet spots, strong as stone

Where friends told each other, you're not alone.

In dealing with chaos, confusion and dread

Living our lives, while still feeling instead.

We come to the shadow cast by the stone,

The damn telemarketer, invading the phone

The ads on Facebook, gilding the throne

Of the Bombast, the Cheater, the Man of the Lie,

Who we'd rather not have

Possessing the sky.

Cause we love the blue sky nesting the Earth

We cherish the freedom of irreverent mirth

Our cousins, all creatures and plants of blue Gaia

We need each other more than one more messiah.

So take heed and take heart

In the hours to come,

When building on gratitude

We all have a part

To say and do, and learn as we go

Silence is golden when grown in the heart.

There's gifts to deliver and stories to tell

Of how Kali and Pluto saved us from hell.