Thou shalt endeavor to avoid religious, patriotic, psychologic, economic, or dietary fervor.

Thou shalt give beggars their due.

Thou shalt not install car alarms.

Thou shalt mosey on the right and pass on the left.

Thou shalt look where thou art going and remember where thou hast been lest thou loseth thy way.

Thou shalt not covet others' goodies.

Thou shalt walk the straight and narrow but fly the great beyond.

Thou shalt attempt to become graceful as the oak, the turtle, the sparrow and the torrent, for it may be your time, but it is not your planet.

Thou shalt reconsider.

Thou shalt live in such ways as to ease the way of thee, and those around thee, and far away.

Thou shalt attempt these ways many, many times in order to increase thy compassion and memory of a good life, well given, well done.

Thou shalt forgive thyself as thou forgives others.

August 23, 1998

A tribute website to the memory of Jane van Loon, 1945-2021.

Published by her longtime friend, Stephan David Hewitt

(Work in progress)